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3 Benefits of A Coherent Assessment System

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You’ve told us that district leaders are struggling to reduce the time they spend on testing. Your assessment calendars are full, and you’re under pressure to carve out more time for student instruction. We understand that reality, and we can help.

We invite you to participate in a free informational webinar this Wednesday, June 7, at 2 pm ET, about the benefits of a coherent assessment system. Here’s a preview of what we’ll cover:

Meaningful assessment

Time is precious, without a doubt. But we’d assert that it’s short-sighted to look only at the time spent testing to evaluate your assessment calendar. It’s the effectiveness of the assessments that makes an impact on student learning. Your assessments should generate meaningful data with which teachers can determine a personalized plan and next steps for students as individuals, groups, a class, and grade-level cohorts. If the assessments are simply “good enough,” but don’t cover the full depth of standards—or if the assessments are not reliable and valid—they don’t yield meaningful insights into student understanding. 

Coherence in assessment

Coherence is another important aspect to consider when looking at your assessment calendar. How do your assessments connect to one another? Can you compare data from multiple assessments? Some potential disconnects we’ve heard:

  • District interims and benchmarks are not aligned to state accountability measures
  • Level of rigor is not consistent across assessments
  • No continuity of data between elementary, middle, and high school assessments

If you feel the assessments on your district calendar suffer from a lack of coherence, you’re not alone. The good news is that some districts are taking steps to make their assessment systems more coherent. Our new solution, eMPower Assessments, demonstrates coherence across grade levels and connects to a high school measure that has real meaning for your students and their parents¾the SAT® Suite of Assessments.

Join the webinar to learn 3 ways a coherent assessment system can benefit your district:

  • Reduce redundant, disconnected testing and gain classroom instruction time
  • Get immediate reporting so teachers can make instructional adjustments that have an impact
  • Use consistent measures across classroom instruction, district-wide interim assessment, and state accountability tests

Senior product manager, Andrea Chan, and senior product marketing manager, Alice Sneary, will show how eMPower and the SAT Suite of Assessments work together to create a consistent approach that yields valid and reliable data, showing growth over time toward college and career readiness. 

Register now for the free informational webinar.

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