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7 Key Elements of Strong Assessment Items [Infographic]

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Effective assessments help you make decisions about future instruction. But how do you ensure that every item in your assessments provides valid and reliable data?

With an increased desire to reduce the time spent taking a test, every item on every assessment has to be strong—it has to give clear evidence of student understanding.

Measured Progress has more than 30 years of experience when it comes to building high-quality assessments that provide clear evidence of student understanding and affect teaching and learning. We’ve used this experience to create an infographic that details 7 key elements you can consider to help create strong assessment items that give you and your students the information you need.

The 7 key elements include:

  • Bias and Sensitivity
  • Authenticity
  • Validity and Reliability
  • Distractors and Distractor Rationales
  • Item Type
  • Alignment to Standards
  • Scoring Information
Whether you want to review existing items or write new ones, understanding these elements can help you create more informative, higher-quality assessments. GET THE INFOGRAPHIC

Don’t have the time for an in-depth review of your assessments? We can help! Experts from the Measured Progress Assessment Review Service can work with your team to review overall assessment design and individual items in your assessments to make sure they’re as strong as possible. Here are a few examples of ways Assessment Review Service has helped districts:

  • Identified incorrect answer keys
  • Suggested ways to increase item rigor
  • Improved “real-world” relevancy

You simply share your assessments with us, and we do the rest. Then you’ll know that your assessments are as strong as possible.

Talk with us to schedule a review this spring or over the summer.

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