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Measured Progress and AdvancED announce merger

We’re eager to share big news about our future: AdvancED and Measured Progress are merging! Our two mission-driven nonprofit educational organizations share a long history of commitment to improving student learning. Now we’ve come together to create an organization that retains the core strengths of each business while also forging an innovative solution to plan and track continuous school improvement efforts. See the merger announcement.

What will change?

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While maintaining our core lines of business, we will create a new organization that will help schools and districts plan, manage, and track their continuous improvement processes. A new framework will integrate academic and non-academic data, creating a robust, holistic, and meaningful picture of school effectiveness—with tools and resources to energize and accelerate teaching and learning. Combining the expert capabilities in psychometric research and student assessments from Measured Progress with AdvancED’s systems approach to school improvement, the result will be a dynamic, easy-to-implement framework that leads educators to action.

We’re excited to announce the leaders of the new organization.

  • Mark Elgart, who served as president and CEO of AdvancED, will lead the merged organization.
  • Martin Borg, until now president and CEO of Measured Progress, will lead the development and implementation of the continuous improvement framework. 

What will stay the same?

Each company will continue to support its current work at full strength. AdvancED will continue to provide state education agencies, districts and schools with continuous improvement services, accreditation, and diagnostic and external engagement reviews. Educators will continue to benefit from the technology and resources that enable them to better collect and analyze data, and to inform decisions that positively impact schools and students.

Measured Progress will maintain its dedication to support teaching and learning by continuing to deliver meaningful, research-based assessment solutions. Clients and customers will receive the responsive service and the partnership, resources, and expertise they have come to expect to create and implement effective assessments at the state, district, and classroom levels.

About Measured Progress

Headquartered in Dover, N.H. with more than 350 employees across the U.S., nonprofit Measured Progress began with four employees in 1983 as Advanced Systems in Measurement and Evaluation. From the start, we provided innovative, customized services for criterion-referenced or standards-based large-scale assessment programs, based on the conviction that large-scale assessment can have a positive impact on what goes on in the classroom.

In 1998, Measured Progress began the first of its many contracts to help develop and implement alternate assessments for students with the most significant cognitive difficulties. And over the last decade, we’ve further extended our mission to improve teaching and learning by offering high-quality, standards-based formative and interim assessment resources to districts and classrooms. See where we work.

We’ve partnered with departments of education in more than half the states across the nation, providing expertise in content development, measurement, and implementation. From Alaska to New Mexico, Maine to Florida, we’ve helped state and local educators strengthen the meaningful use of assessment. Several of our client relationships—including those with the departments of education in Maine and Massachusetts—span more than three decades.

Our founding principal, Dr. Stuart Kahl, commented on the merger, saying “I am elated about these two companies getting together formally. At Measured Progress, we’ve always wanted to deal more directly with schools and districts, and we already offer some excellent tools and services. With AdvancED’s presence in the local market and commitment to school improvement, this is a wonderful opportunity for Measured Progress to reach more teachers and students, at the same time continuing to serve state clients well, as it always has.”

About AdvancED

Metro Atlanta-based AdvancED, a nonprofit leader in school improvement and accreditation, was created in 2006 through a merger of preeminent U.S. accrediting organizations, including Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Council on Accreditation and School Improvement (SACS CASI), North Central Association Commission on Accreditation and School Improvement (NCA CASI) and Northwest Accreditation Commission (NWAC). Serving 36,000+ institutions in its improvement network, they conduct rigorous external engagement reviews using processes that offer insight into a school’s inner workings and the improvements needed to achieve organizational and instructional goals.

What’s Next?

The partnership begins with strong momentum based on our organizations’ shared commitments to improving learning. The longstanding mission of Measured Progress is to support teaching and learning by providing meaningful, research-based assessment solutions; AdvancED’s mission is to lead and empower the education community to ensure that all learners reach their full potential. Together, the 500+ employees have the opportunity to increase our impact on learning and to better serve students, families, and schools across the U.S. and around the globe.

As of this writing, the merger is just beginning. We expect affiliation activities to be complete by the end of 2018. Information on the rest of the new, combined leadership group will be available soon. That group and the combined board of directors are taking a thoughtful approach, gathering input and encouraging both continuity and fresh perspectives. With transitions beginning in the coming weeks, staff members in Atlanta, Dover, and throughout the country are eager to work together and plunge into the new effort. Our meeting of the minds provides a compelling starting point. We’re all excited to begin.

For more information, see the “Merger Q & A.”

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