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Gauging the Transition to the NGSS in California: Reflections from CSTA 2017

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We recently attended the 2017 California Science Teachers Association (CSTA) conference in Sacramento. Conversations with teachers underscored the continuing need for classroom and district science resources to support the transition to NGSS*.

California’s grassroots transition to NGSS started a few years ago, when a few pioneering districts paved the way for NGSS-based instruction. At the conference, California educators shared their insight into how they made their way in uncharted territory, and how they learned hard lessons but also gathered sparks of innovation for the future. They seemed to be at different points on a spectrum when it came to incorporating NGSS into daily instruction—some teachers had fully incorporated NGSS into their teaching, and others continue to take smaller steps. If you’re wondering when or how to fully transition to NGSS, you’re not alone.

Best practices to support NGSS-based instruction

Measured Progress led a workshop called, “Unpacking the California NGSS through instructional practices” to help teachers incorporate the three dimensions into every lesson. The NGSS coordinator from Rincon Valley had planned to join our presentation, but couldn’t make it because of the California wildfires (thankfully, she and her family are okay). She had planned to share her experiences using our formative assessment solution, STEM Gauge®, to help teachers gather evidence of student understanding of performance expectations. Even though she couldn’t attend, we saw eyes light up as attendees heard her story and imagined how they could use STEM Gauge to help their students learn these new standards through an engaged formative feedback process.

Improving NGSS-based teaching and learning

Teachers at the conference also shared their continued need for professional learning and curriculum based on NGSS, to better help them structure their curriculum. Although the conference focused on California, plenty of districts around the country use Measured Progress solutions to advance NGSS-based learning. With our solutions, you gain:

  • Professional development support resources for your school or district staff, including on-demand webinars that explain the 3 dimensions of NGSS in-depth, as well as teacher tools to support formative assessment practices.
  • STEM Gauge classroom resources, which provide topic-based item sets for grades K–8 and Interactive Teacher’s Guides with instructional strategies and tools to engage teachers and students in the formative assessment process.
  • Customized common assessments that our experts develop with you, based on your specific curriculum scope and sequence.

What resources do you need to continue your transition to NGSS? Download this brochure to explore the possibilities.

*NGSS is a registered trademark of Achieve. Neither Achieve nor the lead states and partners that developed the Next Generation Science Standards were involved in the production of this product, and do not endorse it. 


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