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Introducing eMPower Assessments

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We’re celebrating the launch of eMPower Assessments, a new college and career readiness assessment solution for grades 3–8 that debuts today, nationwide. It’s the district interim and formative classroom components that complement the statewide summative solution already available and in use. We’re excited to offer this solution for many reasons, but most importantly because it ties so closely to our mission to improve student learning.

We have many former educators at Measured Progress. Even those of us who don’t have that background feel like educators through our commitment to this work. eMPower Assessments represent our dedication to students, and our desire to provide educators with assessments that support their instructional goals.

Consistent Testing Experience, Timely Results

With eMPower Assessments, districts benefit from our 30+ years of expertise and experience. This new assessment solution provides

  • An accurate indicator of student progress toward meeting college and career readiness standards, up to three times a year
  • Immediate reporting that shows student growth
  • Evidence-based, reliable, and valid tests built to standards
  • Instructional support for teachers, with formative resources

Connection to the SAT Suite of Assessments

One of the strengths of this program is its connection to the College Board’s SAT® Suite of Assessments. We collaborated with the College Board® on a shared approach to content development, and to create a direct predictive link to the SAT Suite of Assessments. Used together, eMPower Assessments for grades 3–8 and the SAT Suite of Assessments for high school provide states and districts a coherent program all the way from 3rd grade through high school.

eMPower Assessments by Measured Progress

With eMPower Assessments, we’re not behind the scenes, helping a state or district design and implement a program. We’re proud to put our company name on this assessment suite, because it’s all about student learning.

This launch day is just the beginning. You’ll see us at numerous conferences coming up, like ACSD, NSTA, NCEA, NCSC, and NCSA, where you can ask questions and give us your thoughts about eMPower.

For now, learn more about eMPower Assessments, and see how they support one student’s academic journey.

Read the Press Release.

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