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New Standards Require New Assessments

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With a focus on college and career readiness (CCR), many states have implemented new standards for instruction and annual accountability assessments. Districts now must reconsider their assessments to make sure their beginning-of-year, mid-year, or end-of-year measures are consistent with the state’s expectations of higher-order critical thinking skills.

Few options exist for district interim assessments that assess current CCR standards, elicit evidence of students’ understanding, use authentic texts, and require students to solve real-world problems at a high level of rigor. Finding an interim assessment that addresses the new multi-dimensional intention of the CCR standards is a challenge.

Measured Progress developed eMPower Assessments™ to meet this challenge—from selection of content standards, to test design and development, to reporting. What’s more, eMPower is the only assessment solution that provides a direct predictive connection to the SAT® Suite of Assessments. This connection provides early indication of progress toward college and career readiness. Districts that also use the SAT Suite gain a cohesive program that creates continuity from grade 3 through high school and shows student growth over time.

eMPower Assessments provide solid evidence of growth toward grade-level proficiency and, in turn, toward college and career readiness. Results are

  • Valid: Responses provide evidence that supports meaningful inferences from test results.
  • Reliable: Results are based on the same psychometric analyses and quality standards used in high-stakes assessment.
  • Evidence-based: Tests and items are newly designed to elicit responses and data necessary to meet the breadth and depth intended by the standards.
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