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Reinforcing our Commitment to Learning

[fa icon="calendar"] September, 2016 / by Mark Johnson

Mark Johnson

We all expect students to be open to learning better ways of doing things. But sometimes as adults, being open to new ideas about something you already know can be challenging—but ultimately invigorating and worthwhile.

Becoming a Certified WebbAlign DOK Partner

That’s exactly what more than 50 Measured Progress staff members and I experienced, as we went through multiple activities to achieve our recent WebbAlign® DOK Partner certification. I lead one of the teams that develops content for Measured Progress assessments, and we’ve used Dr. Webb’s DOK levels to indicate cognitive rigor and complexity for years now. WebbAlign, under the auspices of the Wisconsin Center for Education Products and Services, recently initiated a partner program for like-minded educational organizations. I am happy to report that Measured Progress has become a certified WebbAlign partner. As a result, you’ll see the WebbAlign partner logo on our materials and web site. The WebbAlign partnership is a commitment that we take very seriously.

Since the training, our content teams have used this added knowledge to continue to ensure that Measured Progress items are coded accurately and consistently in terms of complexity, content standard, and grade level. This means that assessment administrators and teachers can use our materials with confidence.

Our commitment to continuous learning

What we remembered as part of the training with WebbAlign staff this summer is that there is always room to grow, learn, and improve. We’ve gained insights into how to use the DOK structure even more effectively. We’ll continue to explore how to better measure student learning and gather effective evidence of that learning through the assessment items and tasks we develop.

Measured Progress is one of only five educational publishing companies to be selected and certified as a WebbAlign DOK Partner. As a certified DOK partner, Measured Progress will participate in ongoing calibration activities with WebbAlign. These activities ensure that we continue to maintain our organizations’ mutual high standards for precision and consistency. Measured Progress customers can trust the quality and levels of rigor of our assessment content.

Becoming a WebbAlign partner reinforces and demonstrates our mission to improve instruction and learning through effective assessment programs and services. It’s one more example of our dedication at Measured Progress to continuous learning and improvement.

Read the news release to learn more about our WebbAlign DOK Partnership certification.

Topics: Assessment Literacy, College and Career Readiness

Mark Johnson

Written by Mark Johnson

Mark Johnson is the Assistant Director of Enterprise and Product Development in the Measurement Services division at Measured Progress, where he oversees the assessment content development for eMPower™ Assessments by Measured Progress and for Measured Progress’s assessment partners. Mark has been involved in educational assessment since 1990, promoting high quality assessment as a classroom teacher, a state assessment leader, and an assessment vendor.