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Using Year-End Funds Wisely

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 It’s budget season. And invariably, education leaders around the country sit in countless meetings to determine yearly budgets and ensure wise use of resources. The same thing took place last year, too, with every expense carefully planned—from bus maintenance to computers to cafeteria trays. But spring has arrived, and you may find yourself with a good problem—money left in this year’s budget, despite the careful planning. Measured Progress has some good news that can help you make excellent use of those funds.

New purchase model: 7-year site license

7-year-licenseNow you can purchase the Formative Content Bank through a 7-year site license. 

Instead of a yearly fee that you must include in each year’s budget, the new 7-year site license is a one-time fee. You license the resources now, and they’re available to use for the next 7 years. Districts and schools can choose this new model or a yearly subscription to the Formative Content Bank

New content: 2,000 additional items, including Spanish

Measured Progress recently added more than 2,000 items to the Formative Content Bank, including more than 870 new Spanish mathematics items and 39 new English language arts (ELA) passages. In addition to creating new items, Measured Progress has made improvements to the bank, including revising items, updating metadata, and reviewing accuracy for scoring. As a result, the bank now includes more than 12,000 premium reading and mathematics items for grades 1–12 to support your ongoing needs for high-quality assessments.

New partners: Expanding access

Measured Progress works with a number of technology partners to make the Formative Content Bank available in your desired platform. We also partner with an award-winning technology company, Learnosity, to make it even easier to access Measured Progress items.

Same standards-aligned, high-rigor assessment items

The fundamental strengths of the Formative Content Bank remain:

  • Students see the same level of rigor with similar item types on your district assessments built from the Formative Content Bank as they do on statewide assessments.
  • Teachers use the individual items and short quizzes called Testlets to differentiate instruction and gather evidence of student understanding.
  • Content specialists select from reading passages that are authentic. They are all selected from previously published literature, plus each passage is coded to the Lexile® Framework. Math items are dual-coded to the math practices standards, as well as to concepts and procedures.
  • District leaders know that all items are newly built to college and career readiness standards using evidence-centered design principles—never back aligned, retrofitted, or cloned.

These items are highly effective in helping you measure student learning. In fact, in a recent survey of current Formative Content Bank users, 60% of respondents rated Measured Progress content more effective than other content they’ve used—and 20% said it was much more effective.

With new items, new licensing options, new partners, and the high quality you can rely on, there’s never been a better time to add the Formative Content Bank to your assessment program. Use year-end funds to support student learning! Learn more about the Formative Content Bank and then talk with your regional business director or assessment platform provider.

Lexile® is a trademark of MetaMetrics, Inc., and is registered in the United States and abroad. 

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